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Job Description

FreeWorld seeks an experienced, proactive, and detail-oriented Grant Writer to support FreeWorld’s private and public funding goals. The position reports to the Grants Manager and liaises with the Revenue Development Team, including the CEO and Director of Government Partnerships. 

As a valued member of our team, you will support FreeWorld’s revenue team by securing philanthropic, government, corporate, and individual donations. You are passionate about our mission at FreeWorld and understand the outsized and life-changing impact that your work will have on our student’s success. You will persuasively communicate FreeWorld’s mission and programs to potential supporters and explore emerging funding opportunities.


To end the era of mass incarceration and generational poverty by:

What you'll do

What you’ll have

Where you’ll work

FreeWorld is a 100% remote company. 

Board of Directors

Hiring Process

  1. Read our FreeWorld Culture FAQ and our FreeWorld Company Values and if you still think you are a fit… 

  2. Submit an application and cover letter by going to If your qualifications are a match…  

  3. We have a 15-minute introductory call. If we love each other, then…

  4. You complete a brief task related to the role (such as submitting a work sample).  

  5. You meet 1:1 with a member of management for one hour to discuss your previous experiences and career goals.

  6. You meet with a few additional team members for a 30 min (each) focused interview.  

  7. Last but not least, we talk to a few of the folks you worked with, and if all goes well, we agree on terms.

Compensation and Benefits

This is a full-time position. The compensation for this position is based on experience, but we are targeting $55k - $70k. 

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